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In consultations my aim is always to look at clients in a holistic way, taking everything into account (diet, lifestyle, genetics, the functioning of all body systems and the presence of symptoms) and working with clients to achieve their goals, whether that be support with managing a chronic disease, improving energy levels, or supporting mental health, as examples. There really is nothing that nutrition and lifestyle do not impact within the biology of our bodies. I also offer nutritionist services such as workshops and workplace wellness packages.


Nutritional Therapy provides a holistic look into your health, connecting the dots between symptoms and physiology, and offering real achievable actions to take back control of your health.

My role as practitioner is to tailor a plan that suits you and may consist of diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations, depending on your needs at that time. It may also be necessary with pre-existing medical conditions, for me to work alongside medical professionals such as GPs or consultants, or to request any tests I think may provide useful insight into your health.


Did you know that 75% of deaths worldwide are due to chronic diseases caused by diet, nutrition, and lifestyle factors?


We are seeing more and more how powerful nutrition is for health; both prevention and healing, and more and more scientific research is being conducted into different dietary influences on disease progression and regression. The evidence in some areas appears muddy or lacking significance, making it almost impossible for the general public to decipher what is ‘the best diet’ for health. This is in part due to poor quality or incomplete studies and in many cases due to fear-based and confusion-causing press coverage. After all, it is controversy and contradiction that seem to sell the most papers! But the truth is, there is a lot we DO know about health and nutrition.


Knowing how to accurately dissect up-to-date scientific literature is paramount to uncovering truths relevant to human health, something that I am trained to do well (and have completed an advanced researching course on evidence-based medicine). The body of evidence of the effect of nutrition and lifestyle factors on human health is growing and we are beginning to see trends of certain dietary approaches and nutrients having significant positive influences towards optimal health and for the management of many chronic diseases.


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